We are now approaching the 2017 season as we remember that wonderful shot we played to win one end in a 2016 friendly game whilst conveniently forgetting the myriad of less worthy shots. Will 2017 provide the blend of weather which offers the usual unpredictable mix of sunshine and heavy showers or will it be a scorcher - time will tell!  In 2016 the green continued to bowl as well as anyone can remember in many years and it was great to see that the investment of time and money has been well worth while.

We hope for another successful league season and lets see if we can't make the Turnbull Cup final stages for the first time ever instead of falling just short yet again.

Monday will continue to be a busy day with the Ladies Club afternoon 2 wood triples followed by the Men's triples in the evening.

Men's fixtures are predominantly on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Ladies on Tuesdays and Thursdays with mixed MSL games on Fridays with the occassional Sunday.

The remainder of the fixtures and matches are made up of special competitions, Club hosted County competitions and several fun events.


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